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Other information about CRS can be found in:


The CRS website at The CRS site has information about the agency, as well as quite a few full text fact sheets and other documents about CRS work and racial conflict resolution.

(Note: This project and this site (meaning the site you are visiting now) is completely independent of CRS or the Department of Justice. This project was carried out by Conflict Management Initiatives and the University of Colorado Conflict Research Consortium and was fully funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.)

The CRS mandate from the 1964 Civil Rights Act can be found at: - The Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance

Background documents provided to this project by former CRS mediator Ed Howden include:

Notes on Mediation - Central concepts, usual ground rules, based on experience of the Western Regional Office, Community Relations Service, U.S. Department of Justice.)

A Note on the Differences between Interpersonal and Large Group Interventions - again, these are brief, but useful notes on the additional challenges posed by large, intergroup conflicts.

Notes regarding use of mediation teams - and comparing teams to individual mediation.



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