This site offers access to a wealth of information on civil rights mediation and conciliation, based on interviews with mediators who responded to community conflicts for the U.S. Community Relations Service. Readers have several options for accessing this information. They can (1) review the full list of questions posed by interviewers and explore the mediators' responses, (2) review a selected set of core questions and answers, or (3) they can read full transcripts of the interviews.

1. Full List of Interview Questions and Answers by Topic

Click here to see the list of questions used by the interviewers. Then, click on a question to access a list of the answers from those mediators who responded to that question.

2. Selected Core Questions and Answers

Click here to see questions and answers to a limited set of core questions.

3. Interview Transcripts

Click here to view the list of mediators interviewed. Then, click on the name of a mediator to see the full transcript of that mediator's interview. The table of contents or complete list of questions for the interview can be accessed by clicking on the line, "Topics addressed in this interview," at the top of the page. From there, you can easily move to the topics of your interest in the interview.

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