Did you issue press releases, have news conferences, or otherwise inform the media about your activities?

Bob Ensley

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They were all there, so I arranged every morning for us to meet with the media. We would have a press conference, and in the evening we'd have a debriefing with the press to satisfy the media, so they were not as aggressive as they normally would have been. So this is the kind of thing you do in order to keep things from escalating. It wouldn't have any effect upon the trial, because had there been demonstrations outside the courtroom, it certainly would not have helped her in her case. It wasn't only CRS, it was the Wake County Sheriff's Department, the North Carolina State Patrol, the State Bureau of Investigation, and we all worked harmoniously toward keeping the peace with JoAnn Little.

Efrain Martinez

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They talked about that, and the next day they shared the notes with the media and that became the "sixteen-point agreement".

Who gave it to the media?

They did, somebody did. The Klan or the police department, somebody. But it appeared in the newspapers, the "sixteen-point agreement" between the Klan and the Vietnamese.

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