Did this sometimes become difficult because of the relationships you formed?

Bob Ensley

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When it's just getting rid of a closing case, but I was always reluctant to close cases. I always hung on because I always felt that there was a little more that I could do, a little more that I could get the group to do. So it became difficult for me to close these types of cases. My wife would tell me, "You become too involved and you have to learn when to back away." In certain cases, yes it was true. It was true I'd become too attached. It's human nature. You get attached to certain caring people who are aggressive, doing things particularly well. Young people -- I am addicted to young people doing things and I'm just..... I just can't help it when I see young blacks or young whites who are committed and involved in things that are going to make a difference. I am right with them.

Leo Cardenas

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But for us we call a community meeting -- that could be a board meeting, it could be a meeting at the superintendent's office or the community center. It is at that point where the relationships are established, and even though I doubt if you'll ever see it on our reports there is an acknowledgment of this respect that I'm talking about, that we just know that at that point, the dispute has been settled to the degree that it can. But it's up to them to carry it further.

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