How long did you generally work on one case?

Dick Salem

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Were most of your cases done in one trip, where you went in, did the whole thing and left, or were there situations where you would go in for a couple days and go home for a couple weeks and go back?

I mentioned that the St. Cloud mediation lasted almost six months, almost every other week for six months at the reformatory. That was unusual. In a school desegregation case, we would sometimes open an office. We opened an office in Dayton just to work on that matter. Or assign somebody to Cleveland, who worked 90% of the time on that school desegregation case. When we didnít have an office, such as in Lansing, Michigan, the mediator would travel back and forth, working with parties and meeting with them. Many cases involved single trips of a just a few days, but once we opened a case whether or not we would return was open-ended. Although we set goals at the outset, we might change them during the course of our work.

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