Did you have any continuing personal relationships with community people after a case was "closed?"

Bob Ensley

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Yes, I have young fellows who are professional basketball players, football players, and in the service. One fellow is being kicked out of the Marines by a commanding officer who's name is Robert E. Lee. This is the 19th young black he's kicked out, had railroaded out of the Marines rather than promote them. He called me "my daddy," they call me "Daddy." Another one over in Germany, he wants to come back, is deciding whether to come play for the Celtics or stay over there. So I have all these young people and I just listen, advise them, and keep them focused. Never tell them I don't want anything they have, because I'm not going to have anything for them if they go broke. But I try to help them and I'm a sucker for it all the time. I love every minute of it.

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