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In terms of security in student life what kinds of agreements were reached?

A lot of it related to existing police practices. That would include hiring more police officers of color and improving the relations between the police and students. The students had resident assistants and one of the things that developed out of this was an action team to respond to racial incidents on campus. The action teams would not only be composed of police but also the persons from student life and others who were much more pro-student. There was the whole question of orientation that had to be corrected. There was the matter of the training of the support people, such as those who were in the bursar's office, and financial aid office and others to prevent racially insensitive actions or statements. There was also the whole matter of the faculty and how to address the problem that some teachers were insensitive to the racial issues in their work. The provost came up with some different ideas of how it could be done. Included in this discussion was the free speech issue and the type of workshops they could hold for the faculty.

So they did decide to do some workshops

Oh sure. They really wanted to change the campus environment. You could see it.

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