Trust between CRS workers

Dick Salem

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There was always racial tension with a white Regional Director dealing in race relations issues. I had to recognize that. You pay a price for that, and one of the prices is there is tension that exists between your own staff of civil rights or race relations workers. Should they have hired a black or Hispanic for my job? Well, they didnít. I was available and someone who was black decided I was the best person for that job. But, you should know that there were four or five people in that office when I was hired who felt that they shouldíve had a crack at that job. One of the prices we pay is having some tension within their own organization. So you have to earn your stripes, if you will, in many ways. Some of us did and some of us didnít. Some of us did with some staff, and some didnít with others.

Nancy Ferrell

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Did you ever call up somebody who was a specialist in a particular area?

Sometimes, but sometimes the ego thing didn't let it happen. It didn't happen as much as it probably should have.

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